Safety First

The Avalanche Rescue Set zoom+ is perfect for a first backcountry adventure or for more experienced riders. The package consists of a DVA zoom+, a Beast shovel and a 240 Light PFA probe. This is standard safety equipment, which you will need to be safe in the mountains.

Ortovox Beast Avalanche Excavator
The Beast gives the best performance in all types of snow. The blade offers the best quality/weight ratio and maximum rigidity. The T-handle and shaft allow for easy shovelling. The oval handle makes the Beast more rigid and solid.

Avalanche probe Ortovox 240 Light PFA
With its weight of 270 g, it is the lightest PFA aluminium probe in the Ortovox range. With a fast PFA exit system and a strong Dyneema rope, it is ready in seconds and folds up just as quickly. The depth can be read off up to 240 cm in individual segments.

DVA Ortovox 3+
The ZOOM+ combines the simplest handling with the most modern technology and the most advanced design. Reduced to two buttons, the ZOOM+ focuses on intuitive operability. Both the on/off switch and the switch that switches from transmit to receive mode provide precise and clear information.
The distance indication, directional arrow and multiple victim indication guide on the fastest path to the final search area, where the intuitive search acoustics make it easy to find the location.

Our Advice: Try the set before your outings. Make sure you can use it easily, that there is enough battery (even if we change them for you) and don’t hesitate to hire a guide. We know some good and funny guides for you!

 8,00 /day

Day based pricing : ORTOVOX AVALANCHE RESCUE zoom + DVA
8,00 / days
Discount Rates
7 - 13 days : 15 %
14 - 20 days : 18 %
21 - 30 days : 21 %
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Additional information


  • Digital reception function
  • 3 antennas
  • Max. range
  • Search radius width (in metres): 40/<40
  • Weight (including battery and case): 210 g
  • Comfort bag and strap
  • Automatic return to transmission mode after the avalanche
  • Intuitive search acoustics
  • Visual support in fine research
  • Smart-Antenna-Technology
  • Continuous monitoring of the transmitter
  • Marking function
  • Illuminated screen
  • Display of all buried victims
  • Batteries: 1 AA Alkaline 1,5V
  • Transmission time: 250 h 
  • Deposit: 35€