Our Story

DiscoveRent is the project of 4 adventure and outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to reinvent the way they equip themselves for adventure travel.

Maxime Mertens


Jack of all trades and invested in his work, Max is a pillar of DiscoveRent. When Max embarks on a project, he invests 200%! Passionate about music and the great outdoors, he will always be ready to share good times talking about the latest Red Hot Chilli Peppers album or his latest expedition.

Born on Friday the 13th, Max develops super power during full moons.

Valentine Laurent


Passionate about travelling, Valentine is eager to discover new cultures and people around the world. In addition to her desire to have a positive impact on people’s daily life, she finds her motivation in many projects such as DiscoveRent. 

Her favorite dance moves? Reggaeton! 

Nicolas Blockerye


Finding his motivation in technical challenges and the great outdoors, Nicolas is the team’s Swiss knife. His skills and interests are various, it goes from building tiny houses to climbing mountains.

Be careful when he puts his cap on upside down, there’s no stopping him!

Marie Frère


Travelling, discovering, taking long walks with friends in the beautiful mountains: these are Marie’s favorite activities. On top of that, she devotes a lot of motivation to the success of DiscoveRent, she will always be open to discuss hours of new ideas with whoever wants to!

When Marie is outside she changes her skin colour to become a red skin.