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Let’s make adventure accessible! Let everyone be able to embark on expeditions, hiking, climbing, skiing, sailing, … Everyone should be able to push his or her limits in the great wilderness whether near or far. Adventure is a way to blossom, to experience the beauty of the world and to push the human experience to the furthest reaches. DiscoveRent wants to give everyone the opportunity to experience the great sensations of the outdoors.

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Teambuilding sur la Vierre

Teambuilding sur la Vierre

Belgium / Packraft - Hiking - Rooftent
Packraft, bivouac et brise-glace entre 2 Ourthes

Packraft, bivouac et brise-glace entre 2 Ourthes

Belgium / Packraft - Hiking
Cool cool la Lesse

Cool cool la Lesse

Belgium / Packraft - Climbing

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